Interesting summary of blockchain technology at O’Reilly

The summary article published a couple of weeks ago at O’Reilly focuses on the key concepts behind the blockchain technology (that is well-known from the crypto-currency Bitcoin) and explains four future areas of application of the technology in a more decentralized world:

  • Currencies – Exchanges, wallets, currencies mining, payment processing
  • Pegged services – Web services using the value store principle embedded into blockchain technology
  • Smart contracts – Manage and validate movement of assets or values
  • Decentralized autonomous organizations

Find out more at:

BarCamp RheinMain 2012 – Impressions from my very first BarCamp visit

Two weeks ago I visited the BarCamp RheinMain 2012 in Wiesbaden for a day with some colleagues from work. My intentions to visit were to see what’s going on outside the corporate world, to reconnect with the web development scene and hear about new stuff.

I attended 5 sessions:

1) “Wir brauchen einen neuen Workflow” – Key thesis: We need a new workflow for project work in the web development/design/etc. areas. Well. That’s not news. The challenge of translating ideas of designers and/or clients into real world software has been a challenge 5 years ago as well. Photoshop dominating the thinking and processes of designers and other creative people and the frustrating browser-specifics it requires to implement it 100% have just gotten a little more complex with new devices such as smartphones and tablets. Finally, the death of fixed-width designs. I hope.

2) Twitternde Raketen… – ESA communications guy talking about social media in this organisation. Compared to NASA, it sucks. In particular, the use of spectacular space images is much more complex from a legal perspective compared to the “Big Brother” in the US where all images are published under a CC licence. In Europe, the scientist creating the image has the right to decided whether he would like to share his image or not.

3) Techie stuff – Hard-core java script performance optimization by Ex-Zynga game engine developer. Great to see someone really knowing his subject and the technology. Bit to technical to be really relevant for me. But inspiring.

4) Gadgeteer – Hardware prototyping made easy. Session on how to set up simple Gadgeteer prototypes and what to do with them.

5) Live Game Development – Pong in 45 minutes? Almost ;-) Guy from session 3 demonstrated his java script framework for game development in a live programming session with almost no attendee with a computer. He did all the work and in the end, paddles and ball were moving on the screen. No rocket science.

For more info on the sessions please check out the official BarCamp website!

The organisation of the BarCamp was excellent in general. Great breakfast! Free lunch, even if it was eaten up pretty fast. Delicious cakes in the afternoon break. Plenty of space to sit and discuss. Only the coffee supply in the morning was not optimal.

Will I do it again? Probably!

Paper on Model-Based Business Process Compliance Checking Approaches published

Our paper on Model-Based Business Process Compliance Checking Approaches got finally published in the Open Access Business Research Journal. It took quite some effort to transform part of my Master Thesis into the paper, but I think it was worth it. We have extended the scope and now cover all relevant journals from both business and computer science in our review. To find out more about the state-of-the-art of model-based business process compliance checking read the full paper.

A big “thank you” to my thesis supervisor, our professor and other faculty staff for the collaborative creation of this paper.

Evaluation of the Practical Relevance of Business Process Compliance Checking Approaches

It’s been a while since the last post on this platform. I always planned to continue publishing highly interesting and educative content, but priorities changed over time. However, I would like to provide you with a short update on my post from September 2011 about my thesis on automatic process compliance checking.

Part of my thesis was presented at the “Multikonferenz der Wirtschaftsinformatik in Braunschweig 2012″. Our publication focuses on the research method (based on the technology acceptance model and focus group interviews) explored in my thesis, its usefulness for the evaluation of research artifacts within companies and challenges of applying it. Having a sound method to evaluate artifacts in practice is very important from my perspective. In the area of process compliance checking, many potential solutions have been conceptualized as artifacts by the research community. However, practical evaluation of these artifacts is almost non-existent. Evaluating them can facilitate further refinement of underlying concepts and help researchers to focus on aspects of a research problem with high practical relevance.

If you like to know more about the topic, you can access the conference proceedings with our publication from the conference website:

In addition, I love to discuss interesting aspects of this and related process compliance checking topics with you.